Piscine de la Résidence Les Sables d’or à Vieux-Boucau

Residence with heated swimming pool, jacuzzi or ocean? No need to choose any more!

Are you looking for a residence with swimming pool in Landes? By booking a stay in a holiday apartment at the Résidence Les Sables d’Or in Vieux-Boucau-les-Bains, in south Landes, you can achieve the ultimate dream: a stay by a warm swimming pool with access to a jacuzzi and the Atlantic Ocean just 200 metres from your accommodation. Isn’t that great news? Here you no longer need to choose between freshwater at the right temperature and the fresh, invigorating, salty waves of the Atlantic Ocean: you can enjoy both without even having to use the car to reach the beach. So what are you waiting for to pack your bags?

Residence with swimming pool or ocean?

Still hesitating between going on holiday by the Atlantic Ocean or simply booking a residence with a warm swimming pool? If you and your loved ones never agree on the difficult choice between sea and swimming pool, our Résidence Les Sables d’Or and its hydro relaxation area will be able to make you agree! When booking a holiday apartment in Les Sables d’Or, you benefit from a heated pool and jacuzzi. What’s more, you are less than 5 minutes’ walk from the North Beach of Vieux-Boucau-les-Bains.

An accessible bathing area

By booking holiday accommodation in a residence in Landes with a warm swimming pool and jacuzzi, you avoid any stress due to weather. Visit the fine sandy beaches and close to the waves when the temperature is on an upward slope and enjoy the private, warm swimming pool in your fully-equipped residence when the sky is cloudy. Are you spending your holidays in Landes before the season and indian summer and it’s a bit chilly? The jacuzzi, its whirlpool and hot water are waiting just for you!

A quiet residence with swimming pool

If you wish to spend a holiday or weekend in Landes in complete privacy, booking a holiday apartment with a swimming pool may be the ideal option. Résidence Les Sables d’or provides you with a private balcony or terrace and you have access to an inner courtyard with swimming pool, showers, jacuzzi and deck chairs. Although the ocean and its beaches are only a few metres away, you can take advantage of the pool area to relax in a less crowded area.

Piscine et jacuzzi des Sables d'Or, résidence Vieux Boucau dans les Landes

Le Mail, Vieux-Boucau

Additional services for a comfortable swimming pool area

We are committed to ensuring your comfort and the application of the hygiene rules in our establishment throughout the year. You will find various facilities in the relaxation area of your holiday residence. Showers are installed and can be used before and after your bathing sessions. You will also find a foot bath to cross to get in and out of the courtyard. The holiday apartments at Résidence Les Sables d’Or also have a washing machine where you can wash your swimming pool towels and swimming costumes.

Numerous adjustable loungers are installed at the edge of the heated pool. They guarantee your comfort and thus make your days relaxing and tanning even more pleasant. The terrace and its smooth, pleasant to the touch surface also allows you to go barefoot without risk of injury. However, we remind you that running is forbidden by the pool.

For even more relaxation and well-being, don’t hesitate to try the jacuzzi, its whirlpools and massage jets! Are the days going by and the temperatures rising? Refresh yourself simply and quickly in the swimming pool. Try plunging your head underwater or doing a few lengths. If you are wondering what the “toes” of our foot-shaped pool are for, you should know that these small pools are particularly popular with young children.

Saving time and money with both feet in the water

Some people, groups or families do not like to travel during their holidays. We fully understand them! By choosing to stay in a residence with a warm swimming pool in Landes, you don’t have to go to the sea every day. But you can still swim without taking your car or bicycle out or walking a few hundred metres. Convenient, isn’t it?

Imagine booking a stay in a residence without a swimming pool in Landes. What would be the result and how would your holiday be different? If the temperatures were high, you might still want to take a swim in the pool from time to time. You would then go to the nearest municipal swimming pool. You would then have to pay an entrance fee per person. A rate that can quickly become substantial if you are in a family with several children! In addition, the municipal swimming pool in question may prove to be too busy or ill-equipped in relation to your expectations. By directly choosing a residence with jacuzzi and warm swimming pool when you book your holiday week or weekend, you save time and money. You also make sure you have a great time once you arrive on site.

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A holiday residence with a safe swimming pool for your well-being

Are you used to spending your holidays with your family? The Résidence Les Sables d’Or located in the seaside resort of Vieux-Boucau features a warm swimming pool suitable for children of all ages. It offers various facilities and equipment related to sports activities and guarantees you moments of sharing and fun with your loved ones.

The ideal place to get some exercise

Time off can also be an opportunity to take the time you need to exercise, alone, with friends or with family. Exactly, by booking a holiday apartment with a swimming pool area within the Residence Les Sables d’Or, you can take advantage of the heated pool to get some exercise (aquagym, fitness or even aqua zumba). In water, you burn more calories with greater effort than when you exercise on land. Did you already know that? In addition, you are unlikely to develop aches and pains while exercising in the pool. Because it is important to vary your pleasures, your holiday residence in Landes also has a gym. It is close to the swimming pool and jacuzzi and offers a variety of equipment: elliptical bikes, room bikes and treadmills.

A safe and child-friendly swimming pool

Are you going on holiday with young children? You may legitimately worry about a trip to the sea if your children cannot swim or if a member of your family is afraid of the water. The moderate size of the pool at the Résidence Les Sables d’Or makes it an ideal place for toddlers who are still learning to swim. In the same spirit, the small pools at the end of the pool (the toes) and the jacuzzi may be suitable for people who are afraid of water. They will be able to enjoy the water area in a different way, while feeling safe. If you have several children, the hydro relaxation area (installed in the inner courtyard of the residence) with fence also allows you to keep an eye on them more easily than on the beach.