Holiday rentals by the Atlantic Ocean in Landes

Have you never rented a holiday apartment in Landes near the Atlantic Ocean before? Nevertheless, there is nothing more enjoyable than taking a dip in the salty, moving ocean water after a hearty family breakfast on a private balcony. Our holiday rentals in Landes are all furnished and located near the beaches. Most of them also have a balcony or terrace. Everything you need to enjoy the good weather at any time of the day!

Apartments with sea view

Renting a holiday apartment with Immocéan is the promise of spending a weekend, week or a longer stay in comfortable accommodation close to the water (lake and/or Atlantic Ocean). Do you want to go further and enjoy a sea view from your living room or balcony? This is also possible with our apartments in Hossegor and Biarritz. What better feeling than watching a sunset over the sea while sipping a cool drink, leaning against a railing?

Fish paradise

Staying in a holiday rental at the beach is also an opportunity to taste the specialities of the region. Fortunately, in Landes, there’s no shortage of nice dishes! Discover new flavours with extra-fresh products straight from the ocean: mussels, oysters, sole, sea bream, sardines, squid, etc. Those who love fishing (and even beginners) can also take advantage of being in the  Landes to take part in a fishing trip at sea on a catamaran.

A great opportunity to sail

Speaking of boats, wouldn’t this be the perfect time to learn to sail? You can start with a pedal boat or a canoe and end with a flourish on a motorboat! Many holidaymakers come throughout the year to stay in Landes and take their boating licence on the Atlantic Ocean. Of course, you don’t have to have a pleasure boat licence to go on a sea trip. You can simply book a trip from the port of Capbreton.

Une famille surfe sur l'océan Atlantique dans les Landes grâce à leur location landes bord de mer

A total change of scenery with a holiday by the Atlantic Ocean

Ah, the Landes lifestyle! Isn’t it nice? By spending your stay in a holiday apartment by the Atlantic Ocean, you also ensure good weather and generous sunshine that warms hearts (and the water). For a total change of scenery, we offer you a small snack on the beach. You will be able to try the tasty Pastis Landais cakes or the famous Basque cakes. After that, you will have all the energy you need to design beautiful sand castles.

Have you ever heard of ‘La Vélodyssée’? It is in fact a long cycle path that runs along the Atlantic Ocean from Brittany to the Basque Country. If you’ve already taken it and don’t know where to go by bike, we still have some good news for you! Bike rides are also possible on the sand. For this, equip yourself with a beach bike (electric bike with special tyres) and quickly and easily reach all the beaches surrounding your rented holiday accommodation in the Landes. In fact, it is a rather common means of transport in the region. Do you prefer to walk? The advantage of an ocean-front holiday apartment is that it is always well located, with shops, bars, restaurants and a host of other services and amenities nearby.

Beach activities for the whole family

Are you planning a family holiday in Landes and don’t want your children to be bored? Holidays spent by the beaches and the Atlantic Ocean guarantee lively holidays with sports thanks to a wide choice of activities to try with family or friends. With water activities, cultural visits, outdoor trips, wellness breaks, thrills and games of all kinds, there is always something to do by the Atlantic Ocean.

If you go on holiday by the sea with your pet, you can opt for walks on the beach (if the beach allows dogs), swimming or walks in the pine woods. On the sports side, we recommend an introductory lesson in surfing, windsurfing or body-boarding, a ride on a pedal boat or paddle boarding (it’s easier to float on salt water) or a horse ride on the beach. Towed buoy tours may also be suitable for thrill-seekers. If you wish to gain some height during your holiday, we also invite you to fly over the coastline in a microlight: majestic landscapes and wonderful memories guaranteed. Finally, after all these emotions, a quiet picnic near the water and the sound of the waves should prove particularly enjoyable for you and your loved ones.

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une petite fille joue dans le sable en construisant un château avec location landes bord de mer

Preservation of the Atlantic Ocean and its beaches

Holidays by the Atlantic Ocean in the South-West of France are great. But the beaches must also be clean and certain rules related to ecology must be put in place to respect everyone’s well-being. So, at Immocéan, we are working towards sustainable tourism that respects the environment. 

Preserve the beautiful and large beaches in Landes

Ecological concerns very much come into play in the Landes department. It is not uncommon to see association initiatives aimed at cleaning up beaches (plastic waste, cigarette butts, beer caps, bottles, etc.). The members of these associations equip themselves with gloves and rubbish bags before spending several hours collecting rubbish on the Landes coast. Speaking of clean beaches, machines specially designed for cleaning fine sand are regularly used on some beaches. We call them “the beach groomers”. They usually spend the night or early morning (in summer) collecting the waste left in the sand. Their purpose is to guarantee a clean bathing area for locals and holidaymakers alike. More generally, the Landes Departmental Council also plays an important role in the preservation and protection of the coastline.

Explore the sea bed

Would you like to make the most of your holiday in Landes to learn more about underwater life and the protection of the seabed? We recommend an introductory scuba dive or a scuba diving course! These outings allow both those with experience and beginners to enrich their minds with new biology knowledge while marvelling at the beauty of the ocean’s fauna and flora. Is scuba diving not for you? In this case, you can go to the Biarritz Aquarium to discover the marine species that are protected there and the means implemented to conserve coral biodiversity.