Pets are accepted in our holiday rentals in Landes

Are you looking for a holiday rental that accepts pets to go on a trip with your four-legged companion? That’s good, we offer many apartments in Landes that meet this criterion! Pack your bags and don’t forget bowls, leashes, biscuits, baskets, squeaky toys and other treats. Get your cats and dogs ready for a wonderful holiday by the Atlantic Ocean and the region’s many lakes.

Separate holiday accommodation with pets allowed

We make the well-being of our holidaymakers our priority. For this reason, the apartments that allow pets are designed for this purpose and we will not be able to accommodate cats and dogs in other apartments. Before making a booking, you can recognise the rentals that accept pets by the indication “pets allowed”. This precaution allows us to avoid people who are allergic to pets from staying in accommodation that has previously accommodated pets.

A pet-friendly environment

Are you going on holiday with one or more dogs? With its expanses of fresh and salt water, pine forests, sand dunes and numerous walks, Landes is an ideal destination for all dogs. Take the time to take them swimming, playing and discovering new landscapes. There will be funny and cute moments! Are you sporty and your dog too? It will also be an opportunity to go for a jog or a bike ride with just the two of you.

Landes beaches that allow dogs

If you wish to walk on the fine sand with your dog, these are the towns alowing them on the beaches at any time of day: Messanges, Soustons, Saint-Julien-en-Born and Vielle-Saint-Girons. Some beaches allow dogs out of hours and/or surveillance zones and others prohibit them during the whole summer period. Fortunately, the beaches of Soustons and Messanges are only a few minutes away from our rentals at Vieux-Boucau-les-Bains.

Chiens jouant lors d'un séjour en location de vacances avec animaux acceptés dans les Landes

Apartments with outside areas for your little companions

Are your pets used to roaming freely in your garden? While waiting to go out, they will be able to take advantage of a private outside area (balcony or terrace) provided in some of our holiday rentals in Landes. Cats will undoubtedly prefer to stay upstairs and enjoy a nice view of the dune, ocean or town from their balcony. While dogs will be more likely to enjoy a ground floor terrace. In addition, they will be able to lie down and roll on the ground as much as they like.

Having an outside area on holiday is great. But visiting the region with your pet is even better! Even though we know that some cats love to be walked on a leash, we won’t go so far as to recommend  kitty-paddle… On the other hand, dog-paddle, dog-canoe or dog-surf are highly recommended if your pet loves water and is comfortable with this type of activity. You will also find many walks to do with your faithful companion. Make sure you keep a leash for your dog on you, even if it is a walk in the middle of a pine forest. Also beware of processionary caterpillars that breed on pine trees and can be dangerous for your dog. Just keep an eye on the dog so that your outing runs smoothly.

Holiday accommodation that is easy to clean, “pets allowed” indication

Our holiday rentals with the indication “pets allowed” are suitable for cats and dogs of all breeds and sizes (except category 1 and 2 dogs). The furniture has been positioned so that the accommodation remains functional and makes it easy for you and your pets to move around. You can also choose an air-conditioned apartment if you are planning a summer stay, although you will need to leave your four-legged friend alone from time to time. Please note that we accept a maximum of two pets per apartment and they must be tattooed or chipped, vaccinated and have a vaccination record!

Hair loss, paw prints, lost biscuits under the sofa… Are you worried about cleaning the apartment before you leave? No need to worry! We provide you with all the equipment you need to clean rented accommodation. Including: a hoover, bucket, mop, coarse broom, dustpan and brush. With all this equipment, the cleaning session will be over in the bli