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Conditions Générales de Vente

The renter, having paid a deposit on the rental, commits to taking possession of the premises when they are made available as agreed in the contract and to pay, according to our conditions of sale, on the 1st of June (all rentals after the 1st of June are due in full on signing of the contract) the balance of the rental price regardless of circumstances, illness, accident or any unexpected event. The rental cannot be taken into consideration until you have signed the aforementioned contract, including payment of a deposit of 25% of the total rent which will be deducted from the bill for your stay and a non-reimbursable service charge of €39, all to be returned to our office within 8 days. The rental only becomes effective after our agreement and a copy of the lease will be returned to you confirming the rental.
Reservations are valid for a minimum of 7 days, starting on a Sunday (between the 1st of July and the 2nd of September). Outside of this period, reservations are accepted by the night (2 nights minimum on weekends). The cost of the stay will be calculated according to the dates given on the rental contract: no reduction will be made for an early departure or late arrival even if we have been informed. Non-payment of the balance by the agreed date will result, by right, in cancelation of the contract without prior warning.

The security deposit is made in case of any damage that may be caused to the rented property or furniture or other objects furnishing the rented property and for the various charges and consumptions. This sum will be returned within one month less any charges for objects replaced, any repair costs and any additional cleaning fees. If the security deposit is not sufficient, the renter agrees to make up the sum, subject to any appeal.

The rental is established for a fixed period which will irrevocably start and end at the dates and times indicated in these documents. It cannot be deferred, extended or renewed without the prior consent of the management and the renter accepts it with this understanding. The renter declares on their honour that that they will not exercise or attempt to exercise any professional activity in the rental and that the premises that are the subject of this contract are only rented to them as a seasonal residence without being able to be declared their primary residence or that of their beneficiaries, major conditions without which this rental would not have been accepted.

The renter agrees to accept the premises rented as they are at the time the contract comes into force as described in the description attached to this contract. The furnishings may only suffer fair wear and tear arising from the normal usage they are intended for. Those which, at the expiry of this agreement, are missing or rendered unusable for a reason other than normal wear and tear, must be paid for or replaced by the renter with the management’s approval. This clause also applies to wallpaper, paint and the building in general.
The following will be required, as appropriate: a) – The value of the broken or damaged objects b) – The cost of washing or cleaning carpets, bedspreads, mattresses, bedding, etc. that is stained.
The renter agrees to use the furniture and objects furnishing the rented property for their intended purpose and in their existing location. It is formally forbidden to transport them outside of the rented property. The renter absolutely must not throw objects into sinks, baths, W.C., bidets etc. that are likely to block the pipework. Should they do so, they will be liable for any costs incurred to return these facilities to normal operation.
Under penalty of cancellation, the renter may not, in any case, sublet or ceded their rights under this agreement without the express agreement of the management; they must privately inhabit the rented property and may not, for any reason, install furniture other than linens and minor personal possessions.
The premises rented may never, for any reason, be occupied by a larger number of people than indicated in the specific clauses. The renter must permit, without compensation, urgent work required to maintain the rented premises and the shared equipment in proper condition.
Taking into account the risk of allergies, asthma and other problems, the renter may not, even momentarily, allow any animal to enter the premises. The renter will be required, as occupants of the premises, to comply with the internal regulations, of which they acknowledge they are aware. It is expressly forbidden to place laundry in the windows or on balconies.
The renter must, within three days of taking possession, inform the management of any anomaly detected. The renter accepts this rental and agrees to comply with the internal regulations; silence must be total from 11pm.
IN compliance with the community’s Urbanisation Plan, you are reminded that it is formally forbidden to erect any tent or park any caravan in the carparks or gardens.

The landlord agrees to make the lodging available to the renter in compliance with the description and to comply with the obligations arising from this contract.

The renter is required to insure, with an insurance company, against the risks of theft, fire and water damage, both for rental risks and for the furniture in the rental and against civil liability and to provide proof of such coverage on request to the management or their representative. Consequently, the management declines all responsibility for any recourse that their insurance company may require from the renter in the case of a loss.

In the case where your arrival will be delayed or you must cancel your stay, please advise us as soon as possible and in writing (telephone messages are not acceptable). If no information is provided to us on this subject, the rental will become available from 12 noon the next day for re-letting to another customer and the entire payment for the services remains due as damages and interest. In the case of a cancellation, you will still be charged or be responsible for: a) The administrative and insurance fees. B) as a penalty for breaking of the contract: an amount equal to 25% of the entire cost of the stay, if you cancel before the 1st of June 2012 and an amount equal to the entire cost of the stay if you cancel after the 1st of June 2012 or if you do not arrive at the expected date. For any cancellation at our responsibility, except for Act of God or a fault on your part, your payment will be returned in full.

Insurer: Gritchen Affnity – Service Sinistre Campez Couvert – 27 rue Charles Durand CS70139 – 18021 BOURGES Cedex – E-mail :

Download the conditions of the cancellation insurance: Cancellation Insurance GB

“The landlord is expressly authorised to: – enter the information contained in this document into a computer system: in compliance with the law of 6th January 1978, the renter has the right of access and correction to be requested of the agent: the means will be fixed by common consent.”